2020-02-06 07:50:54 - General information

We've made some adjustments to our code. Smartphones can generate links again without any problems, as can PCs. We will now work again on our accounts, new hosters and server stability.

2020-02-01 14:47:13 - Server and Adblock users

We have over 30 servers that need several TB of traffic per day, over 5 domains and many premium accounts that we have to pay monthly. In order to be able to offer the free download service, we hope you will turn off your ad blocker for this site. If you have problems downloading with Firefox, please switch to Chrome, a Firefox version has bugs when creating the TMP download.

2020-02-01 14:40:38 - New Hoster

We have added k2s.cc, keep2share.cc, k2s.com, keep2share.com, it runs over keep2share is currently available as beta and will initially run with 1GB volume.

2019-06-24 11:02:49 - New Hoster and existing Hoster #2

We have added soundgasm.net, uploadboy.net is still planned. In addition, 1fichier works again, rapidgator and share-online will never work completely, but we try to keep them running stable!

2019-05-15 08:23:24 - New Hosters and Existing Hosters

We have added some new hosters. Share-Online and Rapidgator will never work 100% due to their security features, but we work daily to make the downloads work partially. More premium hosters will be added, just give us some time!

2019-02-26 09:03:30 - New hosters and database server

We have added some new hosters, also the database server has been restarted, it had problems.

2019-01-31 10:19:20 - Uploaded and Share-Online

We have solved a problem with the uploaded sessions, so there shouldn't be any errors anymore. At Share-Online we are currently running tests again, currently a new method is running with a maximum of 10 downloads per hour maximum two per user. If successful, more will be added again!

2019-01-23 10:46:43 - Uploaded Fix #1

We had a breakdown yesterday, this problem has been fixed and should not occur again. We wish you a lot of fun with downloading.

2018-10-25 09:42:18 - Share-Online Fix #1

We have fixed Share-Online, accounts will be deposited bit by bit, so that you can download error-free soon. At the moment there can be failures, most of the time the downloader runs after the hour.

Rapidgator fix at weekend, calender week 43.

2018-08-30 12:31:33 - Big update planned for the end of September!

We have a big update planned for the end of September. This should solve problems with Share-Online and Rapidgator. With these services, however, we cannot guarantee 100% certainty that they will ever run without problems. Other services are also added.