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Traffic: 1 GB each hour [Your available traffic: 1.02 GB - You can download one part bigger than 1 GB]
2017-09-18: We will release our Android-App as soon as possible! We just have to wait for our Mastercard to buy our Play Store Licence. You can download AND Youtube files in our app!


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29015.11 GB / 26484.89 GB

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We offer a premium link generator for for free. The way to use him is very easy. Choose a mirror to download, you can see how much traffic this mirror has. Traffic is log to 1GB each hour. AdBlock must be stopped to download.

We start this service 2015 and this is our second website, its a responsive site and you can download mobile, too. A [Android]-app is in developing and running in alpha, you can not download this at the moment, but in the future you will get the application for your smartphone. Hope you can enjoy this service. We have always running mirrors, other sites have problems with this sometimes. We try to get more and more server and mirrors. Feel free to visit our blog to see some other good stuff.

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