Dota 2 Update – 22 December 2016


Dota 2 Update – 22 December 2016


  • Bot pathfinding has been updated.
  • Bots can now properly detect the charges of an item.
  • Bots can now also read a variety of stats from units, including base damage, attack speed and range.
  • Bots should now be able to properly select and identify buildings.
  • Bots should now be able to pickup runes properly.
  • Bots should now be able to track buyback status.


  • Recieved new scripting to handle defending an ally.
  • Minor fixes to purchasing items

Known Issues

  • Bots can load in with no wearables.
  • Bots do not select talents.


  • Combat Log now has a spinner when loading.

Patch Size: 89.8 MB (with tools)

5.9 MB Patch

  • Backend recompile, no way to know what was changed.

10.2 MB Patch

  • Backend changes, and changed an unknown string at the end of the items file. Spooky.

Originial Link:

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